Embark on a musical journey with “Teleharmonic by The Smile,” a song that captures the essence of emotion through its melody. This beginner-friendly guide will take you through mastering the song with open chords, a capo, and the Travis picking pattern, making it an engaging challenge for new guitarists.

Why “Teleharmonic”?

Teleharmonic by The Smile

“Teleharmonic by The Smile” stands out for its captivating sound. It offers simplicity mixed with profound musical techniques. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners eager to explore music.

The Basics: Understanding Open Chords

Open chords are foundational in guitar playing. They are especially crucial for beginners. In “Teleharmonic by The Smile,” these chords allow you to learn about harmony and progression easily.

The Capo Advantage

Learn how a capo can simplify your guitar playing. For “Teleharmonic by The Smile,” using a capo on the 1st fret makes the song more accessible. Shifting its key to E minor allows for easier chord shapes and progressions.

Mastering the Travis Picking Pattern

  • Introduction to Travis Picking in This Tutorial: For “Teleharmonic by The Smile,” we assume familiarity with the Travis picking pattern. This fingerstyle technique involves a steady bass pattern with the thumb, while the fingers pick the melody.
  • Its Role in “Teleharmonic”: While we don’t cover how to achieve this pattern, it’s essential to know that its inclusion gives “Teleharmonic by The Smile” its rhythmic foundation and emotional depth. We encourage interpreting and integrating the pattern in your unique way to complement the melody.
  • Application to the Song: This tutorial focuses on where and how to apply the Travis picking pattern to enhance “Teleharmonic by The Smile.” We’re exploring its application to enrich the song’s texture, rather than teaching the technique from scratch.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

This tutorial is not just about chords; it’s a comprehensive guide that includes mastering “Teleharmonic by The Smile” with the Travis picking pattern. Designed with beginners in mind, it will guide you through each section of the song, ensuring you grasp both the chords and the picking technique.

Crafting the Cover: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

I dove deep to create this cover of “Teleharmonic by The Smile.” Every track in the video was recorded into my DAW. This wasn’t just about playing the song. It was about bringing it to life, note by note.

In this process, I explored the song’s depth. You hear a carefully constructed cover as you learn. This approach isn’t just about chords and Travis picking. It’s about connecting with the music on a personal level.

This behind-the-scenes look aims to inspire you. Creating music is a personal journey. With “Teleharmonic by The Smile,” I invite you to explore its expressive potential.

Practice Tips for Beginners

Tackling “Teleharmonic by The Smile” is a rewarding endeavor. This section offers advice on practicing patience, consistency, and the importance of using a metronome. It also highlights how listening to the song can aid in understanding its rhythm and mood.

Overcoming Common Challenges

From perfecting finger placement for the Travis picking pattern to smooth chord transitions, this section addresses common hurdles and provides strategies for overcoming them, enhancing practice efficiency.

Linking to Further Learning

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Encouraging Engagement

We’re eager to hear about your progress with “Teleharmonic by The Smile” and how you’re getting on with the Travis picking pattern. Share your experiences, questions, or even your own covers in the comments.


“Teleharmonic by The Smile” is an excellent piece for beginner guitarists to explore the beauty of music through chords, capo use, and the Travis picking pattern. This guide aims to make your learning journey enjoyable and fulfilling. Stay tuned for more tutorials and tips to enhance your guitar skills. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our blog for the latest updates in your musical journey.